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Our Process

We start every job with a free no obligation quote. We thoroughly evaluate the scope of the work and what it will take to get it done right. Our pricing always includes everything from start to finish. We never add hidden fees or charges, and we don’t ask for money up front.

We understand that homeowners don’t paint very often so we do everything we can to help and to simplify the process. From free color consultations to help with HOA approvals we have the experts for it all.

All of our exterior jobs begin with a thorough high pressure wash. After the house dries we can begin the process of prepping for paint. None of these items will be visible when the project is complete but they are the key to achieving the longest lasting paint jobs. We scrape all the loose paint, we prime all the bare wood, we caulk all the gaps and we make sure to cover everything that is not getting painted. Finally comes the paint. We apply the paint with our industrial sprayers that are capable of spraying over a gallon per minute. By pairing these with highly skilled painters we can assure that every job gets a thick and beautiful looking coat of paint. After all, the labor is the majority of the cost so we do not skimp on materials. We also do the research on everything from the specialized caulks and primers to the finish coats of paint. This way we are always up to date with the latest reviews and ratings of our products so that every customer gets the best value for their budget.

No job is complete until both Lee and the customer have walked the project and inspected the work. Only then do we ask for payment, guaranteeing satisfaction on every project. We also offer a 4 year warranty with every job at no extra charge!